When can i get paid?

You will receive a payment after 30 days of your signup date, if you are referring a lot of sales we can arrange faster payouts depending on the information provided.

We fraud check all payments and log all traffic to make sure there is no issues within our affiliate and end user SEO Services Platform, please be careful not to refer fraudulent clients as you maybe banned from using our affiliate program for abuse.

If you are flagged for fraud or come up as a abusive client to other companies we will require photo Government issued ID over support ticket before payment is issued.

We do not have any restrictions on which countries can use our affiliate program as all affiliates are checked for fraud regardless of location and ethnicity.

We do not pay out via BTC OR Bank transfer we payout over PayPal only to counter fraudulent abuse of our affiliate program.

What you need to know is basically if your not doing anything wrong you have nothing to worry about but for those who choose to try and abuse our system we know all the tricks and will close you down fast.

After 6 months of being paid for referrals we can lower the affiliate payout to 7 days for our best affiliates!

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