What are we doing with your 3 main Key words?


Dear Support, I found most of the backlink webpages do not have direct hyperlink back to my domain exampledomain.com
I can only see some webpages show my domain in text but they are not links.
It looks not correct to me.

Hi, your 3 main keywords are used when we send out updates to search engines, showing this would be very difficult it took a lot to show the panel to end users we are still working on showing customers more of what we are doing but it is very difficult and involves some very advanced programming skills.

Also when making offsite links or content we do not always use links but text also without links as this is also picked up by search engines and we use this method in our algorithms though we will not fully explain exactly what we do and how we do it or we would no longer be in business!

Though we do make it as transparent as possible as you can see what is going on and if you are confused read all of our FAQ pages and make sure you check our videos and facebook page twitter feeds and you can always ask us.

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