Affordable SEO

We had a dream of affordable Safe SEO for anybody. While there are many discount SEO services readily available, we began to stand out for one simple reason; Quality SEO. We don't game the system, nor do we employ ANY blackhat/spammy SEO strategies, rather we take the tried and true long road.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Google Algorithm Based Ping Engines
  • Engaging Blog Commenting (English)
  • Managed Social Media
  • Highly Targeted Link Building

SEO has never been easier with our 100% hands off SEO

Once you register your website, all you have to do is wait and let the traffic start rolling in!

$9.95 / Month SEO

SEO That Works!

We take great pride in our work and the results speak for themselves. We know what the search engines are looking for and we know how to deliver.

We've simplified SEO down to the core; You tell us your domain and keywords, we do the rest. Instantly, your account information is handed over to one of our SEO Strategists and we begin ranking your website.

The Cheapest SEO Online with

What you need is visitors to your website and in most cases the end result is to make money at BlueSEORank we know what you want and what you need and we do this 24.7 365 days of the year based in USA & UK.

We provide SEO services around the world from UK - USA to India - Indonesia and beyond.

For just $9.95 a month your getting a lot of value for money...even fiverr isn't this cheap.

You maybe asking yourself what you get for your money?

1. Website and keywords fully indexed into the most used search engines worldwide entered into our special ping engines like pingler but much better as they are not really SEO people.. We have our own systems (Ping / Backlink Engines) and we study Google's algorithms on a daily basis to ensure we provide the best ping service on the planet.

2. We have our own fully programmed software made in house at BlueSEORank using C++ PHP & Python stored on a cloud server Los Angeles data center. Due to what we offer at such a cheap price more and more SEO agencies are using our services for all of there sites!

3. We offer every possible extra boost you could imagine SEO is not just our passion we are an American British SEO company and we take pride in our global SEO services and of course use our services for our own sites because that's how we started a long time ago in the 1990's.

4. The reason we are so cheap is because we sell SEO in volume and the high amount of clients we have helps us to create a new type of SEO a industry Game changer as our main customers are mainly white labelled re-sellers we are the secret behind many SEO companies around the world. Due to our unique, ever changing with search algorithms ping systems.

5.The fact that we have never once been hit by any Google updates because Google simply does not want spam or scam seo and is happy with what we do. A big question many people ask us is do we break Googles rules? What we would like to say to that is: Do you know all of Googles rules in their algorithms? The simple fact is no one really knows but Google Search.

6. What we know and learn everyday is Google's new and old algorithms and we implement this into our own in house Ping & Backlink system.

...If it were any easier, it would be autonomous.